Six members of extremist sect “AUM Shinrikyo” was executed in Japan. On Thursday, announced the Ministry of justice of the country.

The founder of the sect, Chizuo Matsumoto, known as Shoko Asahara executed in early July. Photo: Reuters

“We have conducted a thorough analysis [of the situation] before you make the decision”, — said the Minister of justice Yoko Kamikawa, signed the order of execution of the death penalty.

Thus, the Japanese authorities executed death sentences in respect of all members of the sect, previously sentenced to capital punishment.

In early July, Japan was given the death sentences against seven of the leaders of AUM Shinrikyo, including its founder, Chizuo Matsumoto, known as Shoko Asahara. The most famous attack by extremists was a gas attack in the Tokyo metro on 20 March 1995, when members of the sect released sarin on five trains of the Tokyo subway. Then killed 13 people, more than 6.3 thousand were injured .