The founder of the sect “AUM Shinrikyo” hanged July 6, 2018

Photo: EPA

In Japan executed six members of extremist sect “AUM Shinrikyo”, July 26, according to NHK.

According to the channel they were last sentenced to death by cult members.

Satoru Hashimoto, Toru Toyoda, kanjite Hirose, Yasuo Hayashi, Masato Yokoyama Isamu and Dr. Kazuaki Okazaki found guilty in cases of sarin production, the development of chemical weapons and buying weapons.

The investigation lasted several years and ended in January of this year.

Pseudopodia extremist sect “AUM Shinrikyo” appeared in 1987. Its population reached 50 thousand people. The doctrine of the movement was based on the imminent expectation of the end of the world and the extermination of “sinners.”

June 27, 1994, the adepts of the sect sprayed sarin gas in Matsumoto, killing seven people.

March 20, 1995 sarin used in the Tokyo subway: 13 killed people, 6.3 thousand were injured.

In February 2004, the court recognized the guilt of the sect leader Shoko Asahara in the organization of terrorist attacks. He refused to testify and remained silent during the entire trial, not communicating also with their own followers. Protection of sectarian repeatedly filed appeals, but to no avail. Asahara, and six of his associates were hanged on 6 July 2018.

July 9, cremated the body of the former leader of the sect “AUM Shinrikyo” Shoko Asahara. The dust was going to give him a fourth daughter, because he asked for it before death.