The weight of the mask made of gold is 60 grams, it has a hole through which to breathe

Photo: AFP

Indian businessman Shankar Korade bought a protective mask of gold for $4 thousand to insure against coronavirus infection COVID-19. It is reported The Straits Times.

According to the publication, the weight of the mask is 60 grams, it has a hole through which to breathe. Its manufacture spent eight days.

Kurade said that he decided to make a Golden mask after I saw the video the man in the silver mask. He does not believe that the conventional mask can protect.

The businessman said that on the street people come up to him and ask to take a selfie.

According to the newspaper Hindustan Times, $4 thousand in India can be bought for about 1,075 million masks.

According to the latest Johns Hopkins University, India is in fourth place in the spread of the disease, there ill 673 165 persons died 19 268, 409 083 recovered.