As noted by the Minister of justice, concealment of the face is incompatible with the truth


Federal state of Germany North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria plan to send in the Bundesrat, the bill, forbidding to conceal the face in court. It is reported by DW, UNN.

As noted by the Minister of justice of North Rhine-Westphalia Peter Biesenbach, the covering of the face was incompatible with the truth and should be banned in court, because without facial expressions and gestures testimony is worthless.

“If the witness sweat stands on his forehead, or his face distorted grimace, that judges should be able to take this into account in assessing the testimony,” said Biesenbach.

Bill served in the Bundesrat according to the decision of the conference of justice Ministers of both Federal States, held in June. Now in Germany there is no thorough ban on the closing of the face during the trial.

The ban, according to the plans of the authors of the initiative should also apply to masks, balaclavas and motorcycle helmets and to act with respect to all trial participants. The only exceptions are for participants in the process, lives are at risk, for victims of attacks using acid. Will consider the bill on September 21 at the first meeting of the Bundesrat after the summer break.