Two passengers received serious injuries, they by helicopter delivered in hospital


Near the German city of lübeck in Schleswig-Holstein, on Saturday evening, 30 June, a passenger bus in which there were 42 children ( aged 10 to 15 years) and five adults, had an accident. On it informs Agency DPA.

The driver of the vehicle tried to avoid collision with a car and drove into the oncoming lane, where rammed the ambulance.

Most of the passengers received only minor injuries but two suffered serious injuries and was sent to a local hospital by helicopter.

Recently in the Turkish province of Eskisehir has been a major accident with a buscarrying schoolchildren, which killed 11 people and another 44 were injured. According to preliminary data, the cause of the accident could could be an animal that ran out into the road.

As reported in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, in the North car with 45 passengers fell into the gorge.