The device can operate autonomously inside the human body.

Scientists from Germany have created the miniature self-propelled robotic device, writes Its size does not exceed one millimeter in length. However, the modest dimensions allow the robot to move independently in the space by a jet engine. Moreover, it is able to transfer critical deformation and not to lose performance.

The prototype was created 10 years ago, and to date, the specialists of the improved apparatus.

The robot turned out to be incredibly flexible and quite Autonomous. They placed the micro – and nanoscale components on the surface of the silicon chip, as well as the real jet engines.

The robot was created with the aim of Autonomous work inside the human body. It can deliver drugs to a specific internal organ, and perform other tasks.

Created a prototype not yet ready for this application. However, scientists argue that the technology development will allow in the near future to test the new product in practice.