In Egypt, tourists will be allowed into previously inaccessible tomb

In the tomb about 100 years have been filled with water. Modern technologies allowed to drain the site and let go of people.

In Egypt have discovered the tomb dated to the second century BC. Now there will let tourists. It is stated in the story TSN.

The tomb was discovered almost half a century ago. Due to the lack of necessary equipment, work in the tomb led to the destruction of important archaeological finds. There were dozens of mummies of the Egyptian pharaohs and members of their families. Also in the tomb were thousands of items of material culture of ancient Egypt.

Due to flooding in the tomb for a long time it was not possible to go. Later it had to be clear and explore again. Modern technology has allowed to reduce the water level in the tomb.

It is reported that the find was discovered accidentally, when inside the tomb fell a donkey.

On the eve of Chinese tomb found the “elixir of immortality.” Also it was reported that archaeologists found the oldest machine for a tattoo.

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