Photo: Twitter From the beginning of 2020, China had purchased nearly 2.3 million cars less

In some provinces, in order to stimulate buyers and revitalize the automobile market, started to pay for the purchase of cars up to 1.4 thousand dollars.

In China after the lifting of quarantine restrictions imposed due to the outbreak of coronavirus infection in the country, reviving the automotive industry. However, sales are low, writes CNN.

So, earlier in the first three months of the new year in China were sold to six million cars, in 2020 this figure amounted to about 3.7 million.

In order to stimulate the growth of vehicles in the provinces began to give various benefits including cash rewards for the purchase of cars.

In some regions car buyer can get up to 1.4 thousand dollars.

Recall that after quarantine in China has soared the sales of Apple iPhone.

We also wrote that in Ukraine, car production fell by nearly a quarter.

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