Photo: a frame from the video In China to build the biggest football stadium

Arena Grand structure to be built in the shape of a Buddhist symbol – the Lotus flower.

China has begun construction the world’s largest stadium. It is reported by Sky Sports.

To complete the construction plan in 2022. The project cost is more than half a billion euros. The stadium can accommodate 100 thousand spectators.

It will be the largest football stadium in the world, as a number of stadiums in Asia and US can receive more fans, but they have treadmills and are used not only for football.

The stadium will be built in the shape of a Lotus flower and is the home stadium of Chinese club Guangzhou Evergrande.

Animation of Guangzhou Evergrande”s new stadium: The BGM is My motherland and I, a song promoted by the state for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC last year. The choice of BGM demonstrates their political sensitiveness(again):link business to nationalist sentiment.

— Titan Sports Plus (@titan_plus) April 16, 2020

Earlier it was reported that Belarus invented the “protection method” football fans from the coronavirus.

Also the Correspondent wrote that the coronavirus has died, the former President of the Ukrainian football club.

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