The frightened child was crying and hiding under the covers


Cherkasy patrol arrested a drunken mother, who broke her son’s fingers, the press service of the patrol police of Ukraine.

It is reported that around 20:00 on 17 March, on the specialline 102 the message on a family quarrel. Came to call the inspectors found in the apartment of three women. The youngest showed signs of intoxication and was assured the police that he is a victim of family violence. As it turned out, she was the one who started a fight tonight.

First, a woman beat her husband, who after the conflict left the house, and then attacked the mother-in-law. However, suffered most of all one who could not defend themselves – drunk mother broke the fingers on the hand of his 4-year-old son. The frightened child was crying and hiding under the covers in bed.

The patrol tried to see the child, but the mother rushed at them with his fists, that she had to wear handcuffs.

Kid patrol called an ambulance. He was hospitalized in children’s hospital. Also to the place of profit representatives of the juvenile crime prevention police, which will continue to deal with the case on the fact of parental negligence and infliction of bodily injury to the child.