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A man has survived two world wars and the Spanish flu pandemic, calling himself “an ordinary guy who lives a long life”.

The oldest man in the world Robert Walton died at the age of 112 years in the UK. About it reports BBC News.

Watona was 112 years, two months and 27 days. He was recognized as the oldest man in the world in April 2020.

It is noted that the Briton died peacefully in her sleep from cancer. Family members and friends of Watona say that he was an extraordinary man and role model.

The man talked with people from all over the world, considering everyone as a brother or sister. According to relatives of the British, he believed in love and care about each other.

Walton survived two world wars, the Spanish flu pandemic and coronavirus infection. Questions about the secret of longevity, the Briton replied that he’s “just a regular guy who lives a long life”.

Earlier it was reported that 95-year-old Brit, named sex the key to longevity. Also the Correspondent wrote that in Tajikistan died the oldest woman in the world.

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