Photo: Visit Limburg Tents on trees in Belgium

Unusual structures in the trees was originally the art exhibits of the Pit Landscape art festival.

In Belgium, in the province of Limburg tourists can relax in the teardrop-shaped tents placed in trees. Reported by the Lonely Planet.

Tent in the form of droplets was initially installed as an art installation by Dutch artist Dre Wapenaar. They were part of the Pit Landscape art festival. Now travelers can stop to rest near tents April 1 to September 30.

The tents have Windows, a mattress, a bench and space to store things. The tents are located close to the castle hex.

Tourists can also take advantage of two bike paths that pass through the pond. The length of the trail is about 200 meters.

Earlier it was reported that in the Belgian town of Beringen announced the opening of a Jacuzzi-cinema for one weekend in October.

It was also reported that a woman during the air flight on Board set up a tent. So she defended herself from the coronavirus.

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