“Beginner” is associated with poisoning Skripal

Photo: EPA

In 1990-e years of the Russian Institute has gone from nine to 14 vials with poison gas “Novice”, the analogue of which, according to the UK used to poison former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal. This writes the Russian edition of the Republic.

According to the publication, of involvement in the disappearance of the scientist, Leonid poison Market according to materials of investigation of the Prosecutor’s office and the FSB.

In the town of Shikhany, Saratov region, Russian Federation rinck was head of the laboratory in State research Institute of chemistry and technology of Organoelement compounds, then in the State Institute for technology of organic synthesis, which in 2005 became the branch of the State scientific-research Institute of organic chemistry and technology (VNIIHT) “Shihan”.

The last institution involved, according to the co-developer of the substance, the chemist Vila Mirzayanov, to create a “Newbie”.

Republic writes that in the documents of the investigation referred to the sale scientists from nine to 14 capsules, that is 2.25 to 3.27 grams “Newbie”. From eight to nine vials received unknown people from Chechnya.

The publication stresses that the poison was stolen is enough to poison over four thousand people.

4 March 2018 66-year-old Skripal and his 33-year-old daughter Yulia was hospitalized with symptoms of poisoning in British Salisbury. The investigation revealed that during the attack was used that was developed in Russia, a nerve agent, Novichok. Prime Minister Theresa may has demanded from the Kremlin to explain what had happened until the evening of March 13, otherwise London would take an incident of unlawful use of force by Russia against great Britain.

Moscow has refused to answer the ultimatum of London, and demanded to give her samples of the substance that poisoned Skrobala.

On 29 March it became known that Yulia Skripal came to himself and began to speak, and March 30, the doctors said that she was in the hospital began to eat and drink. The Russian Embassy demanded that he give them access to recovering Yulia Skripal.