The film “Dzidzio Bass” was released on 31 August 2017

Photo: Zzo | Fan club / Facebook

In the Ukrainian cinema today is not enough star actors. In an interview with “UKRINFORM”, which was released on March 22, said the head of the state Agency of Ukraine for the movie Philip Ilyenko.

“Stars of Ukrainian cinema today is not enough. Actors may be enough, but it is not enough stars from the point of view of marketing, because the movie is show business, and movie sells the face of the main performer. People go on the recognizable names, those actors whom they know and love. Famous actors in the Ukraine is, but those would guarantee that they have 1 million fans, and these fans will storm the cinemas on the first day of screenings, such actors while in Ukraine,” said Ilyenko.

He noted that producers are trying to attract famous pop singers, stand-up comedians and TV presenters.

“Maybe for a quick start industry is the right decision, but in terms of a far-sighted strategy, we should be brought up that the stars. After the success of the movie “Cyborg”, “Guard Outpost”, “Chervona” and the other on the horizon loomed the people who have potential. And given the fantastic success of the movie “Dzidzio Bass”, I do not even exclude that the further career of the Dzidzio will change and he may become more of an actor than a singer… These films have given five to seven names that have serious potential to become a future Ukrainian movie stars,” – said the head of state.

He added that Ukraine is not prepared professionally is actors movie.

“Unfortunately, in Ukraine professionally cooked stage actors and no higher education institutions where specially trained actors would. We a little lacking, it was special education. Maybe then people would find it easier to enter the profession. But the problem with education is not only the actors, it is, in principle, a common problem. I appreciate the efforts of the teachers of film schools that are out there actually working on the enthusiasm, because the money that they paid for it, can be called symbolic,” said Ilyenko.

August 31 released a picture of Aleh Barshcheuski, the “Dzidzio Bass”. In the center of the plot – the story of a Ukrainian musician, whose role was performed by Dzidzio. For the first four days of hire the film has collected 7,65 million.