Recently we wrote about the fact that from several sources, including open, just a stream of information that not only chapters-grandfather went off the rails, but all of its inner circle. In General, they are all about the same age and have quite a faded fart, pretty pritrushenny dandruff dementia, and is therefore immersed in various ceremonies with kolduni, shamans and other people, in order to protect themselves from the machinations of “mental aggression”.

If someone thinks that Putin suffers in the bunker virus – is wrong. He was all foretold, and now he quietly goes under itself in a bunker deep bedding to not return to him inwaluzionny blow, or conversely, to someone stuck in his aura dagger or something.

But in addition to all this beauty, in which actively participate the senior officers and generals of the ROC, slip information, and that initiation into the darkest ordinances carried out with the use of powerful psychotropic drugs. Moreover, the basis is some of the rituals that were used a hidden top SS.

In General, the elderly uparyvaetes his foolishness to such an extent that to fully return to its original state, they can not, and do not want. Simply put, even when the psychotropic enthusiastic individual is not available, the elderly still believe that the vision that they trailed high – part of reality. So when it comes to the Russian top leadership, it is necessary to completely discard the rational and just to keep in mind that before you punk went to the roof. It’s like, what to expect from the dirty sock of the properties of sterile wipes.

But here’s something interesting, in one of his stories, a certain Nightingale, clerical propagandist who tries to play the role of such a opposition leader, came slightly to the side and talked a bit wider than his usual themes. You’ve got to understand that such “the Nightingale” – office to the bone, not the office because the Germans, for such speech has long been dead, and this, and like it – know yourself – every …

So, it is it has suffered in the area of the psychotropics used by Russian leaders. He did not name the substances that they use, but the question about the cocaine, he replied in the negative and suddenly went to the side where you can relax and not control their speech as it is to do with the Russian bosses. He said that cocaine pariveda Ukrainian power elite and it is well known.

In General, anyone who’s ever actually seen a cocaine addict can easily find similar behavior in many representatives of the current Ukrainian government, but because the immutable is the principle of the presumption of innocence (yet) or as they say in the Russian Academy of Sciences (not caught – not a thief). And here is the confirmation of the words of the Nightingale it’s immediacy from the office of the Bursar booths Anelka. We made a screenshot of a small part of a post on Facebook, in case it disappears.

In this official calls the recent statement of Bogdan on Anelka, the essence of which we repeat will not, “cocaine dreams”. In this case, does not matter, well, did Bogdan behavior cocaine dope or not, but the important thing is that it says the official of a high rank.

From this it follows that he is either a liar, has no place in the public service, or – much worse if he tells the truth and has reason to talk about it publicly. This is what it means, all the current government put up with that constantly stoned Bogdan ruled the country as it now steers Ermak, and the authorities was so worthless that it could not be there to stick out for it?

According to Signora podolyaka it turns out that bring Bogdan “the benefit of the President and the country” (in that order), then at least you leveled in front of the microphone road care. Hence the simple question. If a cocaine addict operating in the upper echelons of power – in the order of things, what is there for this power? And then comes to mind the speech of the Nightingale, which clarified this issue.

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