John about Freddie mercury: His life became unbearable

Photo: EPA

71-year-old British singer Elton John told the Daily Mail that the singer of the band Quenn Freddy mercury in the last days of his life he suffered from Kaposi sarcoma.

“Knowing that he was terminally ill, he continued to appear in public and play for the Queen, continued to remain the same funny and generous person. I saw his health deteriorated and life became unbearable. All of Freddy’s body was covered with marks of Kaposi’s sarcoma, which is characteristic for this disease. My heart ached from what I saw the AIDS destroying his body,” – said John.

According to Elton John, Freddie mercury to the last secret that he had AIDS: official information has been announced the day before the death of the singer.

A few weeks after the death of Freddie mercury, John received a package: wrapped in a pillowcase painting Henry Scott Tuke. “Dear Sharon, I think you’ll like it. With love, Melina. Merry Christmas” – was signed the parcel. Mercury and John jokingly called each other female names.

Freddie mercury (real name Farrukh Bulsara) born September 5, 1946, died 24 November 1991. His repertoire had a wide range from hard rock to Opera.