Statement on the implementation of the project Elon musk called sarcasm Ukrainians

Photo: Elon Musk / Instagram

Many Ukrainians sarcastically reacted to the initiative of the Ministry of infrastructure for the implementation of the Hyperloop project in our country and painted in the imagination of funny pictures from the future.

The website “Today” has collected the most striking assumption of the network.

We will remind, earlier the head of the Ministry of Infrastructure Vladimir Omelian said that Ukraine will create a company Hype UA, which will develop rapid transit system, similar to a known project, Elon musk Hyperloop, but for Ukraine.

According to the Minister, the project involves the participation of Ukrainian enterprises and experimental site will be located in the river.

In turn, the implementation of the project Ukrainians see as a train with wooden benches, on which cars go the ubiquitous merchants.

Other commentators have arranged the competition the most caustic signatures.