Abramovich flew to the shooting in Kharkov with his wife Daria Zhukova and Italian designer Miuccia Pradai

Photo: EPA

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich was a modest man, he, like all who came to the territory of the Institute, built for the filming of the project “Dau” in Kharkov, dressed in the clothes of the era of the 1930s, about the Russian Director, artistic Director of the center “Babi Yar” Ilya Hrzhanovsky said broadcast program author founder of the Internet edition “GORDON” Dmitry Gordon.

“Under him [dressed]. Under the first Secretary of the Chukotka regional Committee of the Chukotka Autonomous region (Abramovich, previously held the post of Governor of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug of the Russian Federation. – “GORDON”). He was with his wife. And was the Communist designer clothing Prada”, – said the Director.

Abramovich came to the shooting with his wife Daria Zhukova and Italian designer Miuccia Pradai they spent in the Institute the whole day.

“Roman came not for the shooting, he was here to see this institution, at this place,” – said Hrzhanovsky.

In his opinion, Abramovich – man “dissolving, invisible,” so he could feel good at any time.

“People entering the territory of the Institute, very interesting show. Because they were there by themselves and not by themselves. You left your social responsibility, that is, almost nothing does not prove your important status, you know? Remember, he’s in the buffet were paid, you had to write down the names. The barmaid asks: “Name?” He looks at her and says, “Abramovich”. She writes: “Obramovich”. Says: “the Name and patronymic?” And in this moment I face Roman realized that he was in the Institute. Because this girl really know him, but she was so it doesn’t matter… it was important whether he will leave her a tip. And she said, “we leave a Tip?” – “Will” – said Hrzhanovsky.

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The project “Dau” includes 14 films, production of which began in 2008. The shooting took place in Kharkov, where the authors of the film project exactly reconstructed life, socio-cultural and political life of the USSR in the first half of the twentieth century, in particular built a large decoration in the form of research Institute. The film stars several hundred people, including the founder of the edition “GORDON”, journalist Dmitry Gordon, ex-mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky, policies Nestor Shufrich and Mikhail Dobkin and other famous people.

At the core of the film cycle – the memoirs Concordia Drobantseva, wife of the distinguished Soviet physicist, Nobel prize 1962 Lev Landau.

Hrzhanovsky was born in Russia, but in 2009 left the country. Member of the European Academy of arts. In Ukraine, the filmmaker lived for five years. Now living in London.

In 2019 the premiere of the film project “Dau” in Paris gathered a large audience (more than 40 thousand people). The picture was banned in Russia. In March 2014 Hrzhanovsky signed the letter to the colleagues from Ukraine, condemning the Russian military intervention.

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