After the doctor examined the patient and diagnosed him with social phobia, it is necessary to define the necessary treatment and follow-up of human adaptation to social life, in other words, to its socialization. The most effective proven combination of psychotherapy and medication treatment in this case.

If we consider the basics of cognitive behavioral therapy in this case, which is considered one of the most effective for this disorder, here are two main methods of assistance in social phobia.

First, is exposure therapy. This method involves the collision of the patient with their fears. Do not run away from them, and finally meet. In the course of therapy, the patient, sometimes together with a therapist, will deliberately be put into situations that scare him, or rather, to interact with other people. The method is based on the gradual meeting with their fears that the patient was able to desencibilizirutaya and get used to the presence in the world of other people and of the need sometimes to contact them. For example, if the patient has problems with speaking in public, he just can’t bring myself to give a speech in front of a large crowd of people and life circumstances that still require, you to start with the speech first in front of two or three strangers, then in front of a small audience, and even then in front of the great hall of the people.

ALL FEARS NEED TO GO YOURSELF! None of you won’t do it!

In the process of therapy, a kind of battle with their fears and with this disorder, people will notice positive changes, small steps he approached the big goal and what was previously deprived of ability to move normally and breathing will now be much easier, and all previous fears will seem insignificant and baseless.

The other way is learning the skills of social interaction. The patient may spend many hours talking with a therapist to work through all your fears and learn to control them, not let them affect their behavior and functioning, but one problem still remains. Namely, the lack of the skills of interaction with other people. Often, social phobias develop in childhood or early adolescence, that just does not normally develop social skills. A lot of everyday situations of interaction and communication, the patient was not simple, he never faced and now can not even imagine how to do it. Consequently, one of the many tasks of the therapist is to teach the patient the skills, to accompany him on the stage of learning and adapt to a new lifestyle.

Often there are cases when, together with psychotherapy it is necessary to use drug therapy. The appointment of drugs that reduce and even relieve anxiety, produce sedation, and is also the administration of drugs that affect nejromediatsii serotonin, which are called antidepressants.

It is obvious that the presence of a number of a good therapist, psychologist allows the patient to successfully adapt to life, to socialization and to learn the missing skills. There is a myth that social phobias are not treated and remain with a person for life, but it’s not. A qualified psychotherapist, psychologist and, if necessary, together with a psychiatrist, it is able to help the person with social anxiety disorder to significantly improve the quality of his social life.

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