Horoscope for tomorrow, 20 February 2019, my Tarot cards predicted a surge of emotion for almost all Zodiac signs. Some may suddenly have a leadership position, while others will lose an important chance to realize your dream.

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Horoscope for today Tarot cards based on the deck “Tarot of Dreams” by the Italian artist Ciro Marchetti.

ARIES – high Priestess

The high priestess card that represents your unknown power that you for uncertain reasons, almost no use. They offer you to pay attention to intuition, hunches, what is presented is often inexplicable, but it is a strong belief in something. Today, as advised by horoscope Tarot, should pay attention to the subconscious feelings they will not let you down. Intuition will tell you which way to go to get away from the fate that you intended. You will discover the ancient truth of good and evil, which will help lead others down the right path.

TAURUS – Justice

Horoscope for Taurus prepared by the card of Justice. Representatives of this Zodiac sign have a difficult analysis of their actions, because it is important to determine what you expect from your life and what you need from other people. You may require prying too much, what they have no obligation to provide you with. Thus give only part of the promised. Justice represents the search for balance: learn to receive and give with equal force.

GEMINI – the Sun

The Sun card expresses a love of life, others, and confidence in the future. Gemini, you are lucky – you will be a new love that promises to become that single for life, or important news from your spouse. In addition, representatives of this sign’s horoscope for today please and prospects in business sphere: for sure you will get some attractive offer which will simply not refuse.

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CANCER – Temperance

Horoscope for tomorrow is preparing Crayfish to a new stage of life. He will be calm and measured, in a certain sense, it is the calm before something big. Don’t be afraid to try something new, you will be released. And the fruits of the work done not long in coming. Most importantly, do not miss the cues that you and then sends fate. Otherwise, we get a radically different effect.

LEO – Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands – modular form of changeability and power. All the showers you want to present yourself to the society with it to make it loud and bright. However, something always bothers you in this way. Probably Lions overestimate their abilities and emotional resources. Suddenly fell recognition always carries a huge responsibility, remember this.

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VIRGO – Page of Cups

Lately Virgo play a lot with destiny, but these games can be quite costly for you. Horoscope for Wednesday advises to slow down a bit and a bit reckless. You should look at what is happening from a different angle. It can open you a whole new view on life that will also affect the priorities and values in the future.

LIBRA – King of Wands

The king of Wands is not indifferent to the world. He does what is necessary to turn everything around into what it should be according to him. But any opinion is subjective and, therefore, can someone not arrange. It is not necessary to remake all life in his own way, because you are in the world there are not alone. Do not go against those who can play a significant role in your life.

SCORPIO – Seven of Cups

This card indicates that you have an important decision. The problem is that you still don’t know which way to choose. But the feeling is due to the fact that, actually, all the options for its own good. But this does not mean that you should put everything and surrender completely to the power of fate – inaction will not benefit. Take a risk, make plans for the future and succeed in the best way.

The SAGITTARIUS Lady Denarii

A period of calm enjoyment of material pleasures. Now you have achieved just what they wanted. But it is worth considering whether you really need all this? Perhaps wealth does not play in your life weighty role. It’s time to think about something higher.

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CAPRICORN – Queen of Swords

You have long harbored an idea, and maybe even put something to promote their business. But now the plan or the case has reached the stage where it’s moving by itself and no longer needs a volitional effort to run. Remains to keep in mind the original idea in its integrity and purity, to serve as a guiding light leading into the future. More important is to remember that fate is on your side. Tomorrow’s horoscope advises you to relax.

AQUARIUS – the Moon

The moon card meaning opposite emotions: fear and the feeling of complete luck. Thus, in the environment, they are closely interrelated: it may be fear to frighten luck and destroy all the plans, or the feeling of the coming of luck will help you to overcome the fear of the new and forced to move to victory. Some color will acquire a card specifically for you – depends on what thoughts Aquarius is guided in the present moment.

PISCES – ACE of Wands

Suddenly the Fish woke up the desire to change something in your life. And, says horoscope for today, is long overdue. Moreover, you have pissed fate off his indecision, so you need to correct your mistakes, seriously weighing all the “pros” and “cons”. Don’t be afraid to lose then why bother following this, you will gain more important things.

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