Horoscope for today, February 25, 2019, for all Zodiac signs.

Monday this week will finally provide some Zodiac signs unique opportunities to implement their plans. It is worth to listen to inner voice and not to go on about the other. OBOZREVATEL invites the reader to learn your solo horoscope for today.

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Sometimes, any means are good to achieve their goals. Aries do not forget about it throughout the day. But only if these methods are not extremely risky or dangerous to health.


The bulls probably will submit today their forces in the most favorable direction, which can lead to failure. However, as they say, accidents are not accidental. Any experience gained today will be useful in the near future.


The twins will receive this Monday the chance to earn extra money, the amount of remuneration will depend on your activity, manifested creativity and desire to achieve results.


Cancers is not necessary in the beginning of the week to uncompromisingly stick to their guns, no matter what question it may concern. Listen to other opinions, they will contain much truth and logic. If your position is fundamentally important, still there is always the possibility to find a compromise.


The Lions are ready to risk and adventure, you will be able to find enough strength and determination to take bold actions and make important decisions. Luck will accompany in everything.

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Virgins at the start of the working week should not ignore the advice of others, even unfamiliar people. Someone has a chance to change your opinion about a particular situation, which you seemed to be a dead end.


Scales today can experience some financial difficulties, which will fall as snow on the head. However, do not rush to worry about, even more to borrow money. All will be settled to the same pretty soon.


Probably today, your colleagues, partners unpleasantly surprise you with unexpected actions that make me doubt their honesty and reliability. Do not hold a stranglehold over the relationship, which can be disappointing.


Archers should abandon the ideas of new beginnings, projects and cases. Where it is more expedient to pull the “tails”. You will be overflowing creative energy, don’t keep it to yourself, let it out.


In the beginning of the work week Capricorns can come to grips with the financial issues. In the near future expected cash addition, the time to calculate the upcoming costs, to remember about debts and debtors.

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Aquarius should think about the number of tasks you managed to hoist on their shoulders since the beginning of the working week and to take it easy. Chances are that soon you will feel how small the chances that you will survive this.


Fish in this day can stand before an unplanned trip that will be challenging physically, but mentally quite pleasant. Experience with the random counter in this adventure will certainly prove to be useful.

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