In March Leontiev turn 71

Screenshot: valera_leontiev / Instagram

71-year-old Soviet and Russian singer Valery Leontiev on his page on Instagram posted a video greeting to his colleague – a Russian composer of Ukrainian origin Igor Krutoy.

“A home, a simple, kind man – like in my kitchen sits and says,” – responded to the appearance of Leontiev in the network to its subscribers.

“Glad to see your favorite Valery Yakovlevich in good health and good spirits,” – commented the publication of the artist’s followers.

“Valery, you are superb. And in speech and appearance,” write Leontiev network users.

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The publication of Valery Leontiev (@valera_leontiev) 28 Jul 2020 7:32 PDT

Leontiev was born in March 1949 in a family of herders. The artist is a winner of World Music Awards, ZD Awards, “ovation”, “Golden gramophone”.

The most well-known songs Leontiev considered “opening day”, “everybody wants love”, “Where went the circus”, “You not forget me”.