Employment centers are doing everything possible to protect personnel in Ukraine

Employment in Ukraine is growing, so unemployment is dropping, according to data of the State employment service in September. One of the most popular among working professionals in women dressmaker. Last year it received hundreds of girls, among them – and student centers retraining. About new benefits and prospects of the profession – in the plot of the series “Home”.

“Come to us employers, we conclude with them a formal agreement to cooperate, and immediately after the exam of our graduates go to work. Taking them right at release, select themselves”, – told the specialist of the centre of retraining Marina evlanova.

Professional master tailoring is worth its weight in gold: they are waiting for hundreds of Ukrainian companies.

“We need skilled seamstresses. We want our seamstress was a kind soul, beautiful, intelligent, cute, because this is all given to our products,” – said the representative of the company, making underwear Nadezhda Aleksandrova.

Many women, learning to sew, start your own business. It is now popular, and although at first you will have to work without rest for several days in a row, but it’s worth it.


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For example, Irina Burlack previously worked as a Secretary in the village Council. Work loved, only she wanted to open the business. From childhood she knew how to sew, and turned a hobby into a profession.

“Orders have, sew on online shop baby bedding, bumpers, baby things, there christening sets, cocoons, blankets,” – said the owner of a workshop for sewing and repairing clothes.

The opportunity to retrain for a working specialty, to win the European monetary grants to teach people to open and run their own business employment centers are doing everything possible to protect personnel in Ukraine, and not to give the best abroad.

“We need to create jobs in Ukraine, it is necessary to create conditions for people to work in Ukraine, made in Ukraine. Definitely earned. If there are no conditions for earnings in Ukraine, then people will go abroad”, – said the Director of Kharkiv regional center of employment Vladimir Minenko.

In the Kharkiv region in recent months, the tendency of workers to return from abroad. Here they find work in industry, trade and construction. And those who prefer the profession of a tailor or seamstress, together with the competitive salary you get and the opportunity for career growth.

Previously, we showed the story of how Ukrainian, defying stereotypes about the “unfeminine” occupations, developing career BelAZ. After the lifting of the ban for women on a number of professions Larissa decided to try his hand at managing one of the largest auto and showed on video how to cope with the huge mining truck.

Recall, earnings abroad have another alternative in Ukraine – specialists of working professions come together in “Service masters” in their cities.

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