Photo: Wikimedia Picturesque Kachanivka that inspired Glinka, Repin and other artists talks about the beautiful areas on Ukrainian territory, where not so many tourists.

In Ukraine Easter and may holidays in 2019 will bring the Ukrainians not only long-awaited spring warmth, but also a little vacation – five days off in a row.

The main Christian Orthodox holiday celebrated this year on April 28. The second day of Easter, April 29, output. Through the day, may 1 celebrate labor Day is Wednesday. And to not break the chain of output in most institutions, 30 April also did weekends.

Most often, the Ukrainians may travel to Lviv, Odessa, Carpathian mountains, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kamianets-Podilskyi and Truskavets. So Корреспондент.net neotopian tells about tourists places, but no less beautiful.


Chernigov – the Northern capital of Ukraine

A tour of Chernigov should start with the Shaft above the Gum, which is 12 ancient cannons. Located near Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral is one of the oldest temples of Kievan Rus.

To see the city from a bird’s eye view on the bell tower of the Trinity Cathedral. And here you can visit Anthony caves and the house of Hetman Ivan Mazepa.


Inspiring Centuries.


The only Ukrainian HOMESTEAD, which is almost completely preserved in its original form, having survived wars, a revolution is in the village of Kachanivka in Chernihiv region.

Romantic surroundings, beautiful architectural complex and the picturesque Park with sculptures and streams in 2001 became the national historical and cultural reserve.

Kachanivka was inspired by Glinka when he was working on his Opera Ruslan and Lyudmila, and it was here that Gogol for the first time publicly read the novel Taras Bulba. Was here and Shevchenko, Sternberg Scored, Kulish, Repin, Glinka, vol.


The valley of narcissuses in Khust

Vitaly Bilyak

In Western Ukraine between the rivers Tysa and Khustets ‘ there is a town Khust, which was seemingly the biggest Ukrainska Narcissus valley, which fills the air with a mouthwatering aroma.

In the city there are also beautiful places. An important attraction is the ruins of a castle Dating from the 11th century. They are on the outskirts of the city.

In Hust is the current Reformed Church, which is located in the Gothic Cathedral of the 13th century.

Slow Berdichev

43 kilometers from Zhytomyr is the city of Berdichev, known since 1320, when the land was donated by the Grand Prince Gediminas the family of Tyszkiewicz.

Here you can visit the monastery-fortress of barefoot Carmelites, Church of St. Barbara, where she married the French writer honoré de Balzac, and just enjoy the leisurely life of this small town.


Canyon near Kiev

Vitaliy Sapiga

In the village of Buki is amazing and quite unusual for local canyon plains, stretching for five kilometers. Beautiful river Mountain Tikich, the monument of eternal glory and huge sheer cliffs.

Beeches found in Tripoli and the Chernyakhov settlements, remains of settlements and a large burial ground of Kievan Rus, which has 950 mounds.

Of monuments also have a stone mill of the 19th century. In the arboretum on lake flock of swans. The air is saturated with aromas of cypresses, rhododendrons and juniper.


Cozy Poltava


Romantic or family vacation to spend in Poltava. There is a house of Ivan Kotlyarevsky and the assumption Cathedral, the Museum of Poltava battle and, of course, a farm near Dikanka.


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