A full schedule of the Olympic hockey tournament

The Olympic tournament at the Olympic games-2018 will continue until 25 February. Photo Getty

From 14 to 25 February at the Olympics-2018 in Pyeongchang is the men’s hockey tournament.

The competition will feature the participation of 12 teams: top 8 teams according to rankings compiled after the world Cup 2016 (Canada, Olympic athletes from Russia, Sweden, Finland, USA, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovakia), the host country of Korea, and three teams that won their groups in the final stage of qualification (Slovenia, Germany, Norway). For the first time since 1994, the tournament will be held without the participation of NHL players.

The tournament matches are held in the Hockey centre, Gangneung and in the Sports arena of the University of Quendon.

Prior to the tournament, the main favourites – team oar (odds to win 2.50), team Canada (4.75), and Sweden (5.00).

Note that full schedule in all sports on all days of the Olympic games-2018 available on our website. By choosing the intersection of the day and sport, click and get the start time of events.

The schedule and results of hockey

Group A

Canada, Czech Republic, Switzerland, South Korea

15 Feb 14:10 Czech Republic – South Korea
15 Feb 14:10 Switzerland – Canada
17 Feb 05:10 Canada – Czech Republic
17 Feb 09:40 South Korea – Switzerland
18 Feb 09:40 Czech Republic – Switzerland
18 Feb 14:10 Canada – South Korea


USA, Slovenia, Slovakia, the United Arab Republic

14 Feb 14:10 Slovakia – SAR
14 Feb 14:10 USA – Slovenia
16 Feb 05:10 USA – Slovakia
16 Feb 09:40 SAR – Macao
17 Feb 14:10 SAR – United States
17 Feb 14:10 Slovenia – Slovakia


Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden