Cyber criminals have hit the jackpot in an online casino 24 times in a row and disappeared

After that, the cybercriminal has gone missing. In General, the amount won by him amounted to 24 thousand dollars.

The hacker, using nick runningsnail, disrupted 24 times in a row, the jackpot in an online casino DEOSGames. Cyber criminals took advantage of the vulnerability of the system that allowed him to attack the infrastructure of the casino. About it noted in Twitter account DEOSGames.

Immediately after winning he left the platform. It is also known that your account runningsnail hacker created on the eve of the perfect attack.

Overall, he has won almost 24 thousand dollars in the currency of the EOS platform. Thus the most part of a prize he had not yet withdrawn from the account.

Representatives of the online casino said that the attack was for them a useful lesson.

“It was a good stress test and we have improved significantly,” said company representatives.

Earlier it was reported that 16-year-old was able to hack into Apple’s servers and got access to the accounts.

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