Grudinin bet your mustache

Photo: EPA

The candidate in presidents of Russia, nominated by the Communist party Pavel Grudinin will be disappointed if you get less than 10% of the vote. About this Grudinin said in an interview to the journalist Yuri Dude. Video published on the YouTube channel “wdwd”.

“We get a lot more. Now, if we get from the 60% that I’ll think that this result is fair,” he said.

The presidential candidate said he didn’t want to shave off his mustache because it goes with them “all the way”.

“But if I gain more than 15%, you’ll cut your hair bald” – he turned to the Dude.

The journalist replied that he was ready to shave my head only if that Grudinin, you shave your moustache, if you get below 15%.

“Agreed,” replied the candidate of the Communist party, and they shook hands.

“Have you seen him bald? Soon you’ll see,” promised Grudinin.

Presidential elections in Russia held on March 18. According to the January opinion poll among Russians who are going to go to the polls, 81.1 per cent want to vote for the current head of state Vladimir Putin. Grudinin is in second place with 7.6%.

In December for Putin were ready to vote 83.6% of those who intended to take part in the elections.