Gritsenko: Let them develop a law on lobbying, I will be ready to adopt and sign the

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The former Minister of defence, leader of the party “Civic position” Anatoly Gritsenko said in an interview with the founder of the edition “GORDON” Dmitry Gordon that if elected President he will fight against the “shadow politics”.

“Away from the shadow of politics. If, for example, [the businessman] Rinat Akhmetov wants to lead the Radical party [Oleh] Lyashko, go right ahead, no questions asked. Or [the businessman] Igor Kolomoisky will lead any party. “Renaissance” or the other. Forward. Publicly, openly. But the shade is not necessary,” said the candidate.

On the question of what to do with Lyashko, if Akhmetov will chair his party, Hrytsenko said: “This is let they among themselves will understand”.

“I’m talking about the principle. Cockroaches are afraid of light. Why be afraid, if you have pure thoughts. Let them develop a law on lobbying, I will be ready to accept and sign. Suppose, for example, [the businessman] Konstantin Grigorishin comes out and says that the tariffs would be cool. And Akhmetov comes out and says: “Rotterdam plus” is great. And [businessman Dmytro] Firtash let says that the monopoly in the gas sector is great. Let. But there will be other opinions. And then they’ll either mute your voice or they will persuade or force. There is no other way”, – he said.

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Presidential elections will be held on 31 March 2019. 31 December 2018 the country has launched the presidential election campaign.

The Central election Commission of Ukraine registered Gritsenko presidential candidate on January 15.