Horbulin: had a successful private-public brand – that is the brilliance of the achievement. Nothing like the world was not yet

Photo: uacrisis.org


The successful launch of the American spacecraft Crew Dragon will enhance space missions and will be another step to implement the programs of exploration of the moon and Mars. About this in comments to the edition “GORDON” said the Ukrainian politician and scientist, the former Director General of the National space Agency of Ukraine Vladimir Gorbulin.

“This is the largest event in the field of space exploration in recent years. The spacecraft returns to earth as space Shuttle carrier rocket, the first stage of salvation. This together can significantly increase the number of flights in the future. We still have to wait to have confidence in this technology project, and much will change. Was successful private-public brand – that is the brilliance of the achievement. Nothing like the world has ever had,” said said.

He believes that a successful launch of a Crew Dragon could be a step towards further space exploration.

“Previously, the only machine that was delivered to the International space station astronauts and technology, was the ship “Union”. If you noticed Crew Dragon can on Board to take more than three astronauts, what “Union” couldn’t afford it. There is now the possibility of flight is greatly enhanced. We witnessed a serious shift. I think it’s step to exploration programs moon and Mars,” said the source.

According to him, the successful implementation of the space project of the United States showed its advantage in the space sector.

“From the point of view of geopolitics, this launch is not the main event. The Americans previously made two runs of very interesting aircraft X-37. It is a more sophisticated technological system that allows you to deal with the satellites orbiting the Earth. Manned aviation complex X-37 can operate in orbits of certain heights in the near-earth space where many spacecrafts communication, remote sensing, surveillance and so on. So we must look to the complex that the US recently did. These two events – the launch of X-37 and Crew Dragon – showed that in fact, the US tipped the scales in the supposed space war on their side. The Russian press, of course, yelled, it’s a transition to a new track. Ukraine is nothing to get. If we can create control system for the military-industrial complex, which would include and National space Agency, we could talk about something serious. Because the potential we have”, – summed up said.

May 30 launch site in Florida (USA) launched the Falcon 9 rocket, which launched into earth orbit developed by the private company SpaceX Crew Dragon ship, on Board of which were two of the astronaut.

May 31 Crew Dragon has docked with the module of the American segment of the International space station. Arrived, the mission Crew Demo-2 Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken went to the ISS and joined the 63rd expedition – Christopher Cassidy, Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Wagner.

For the first time in nine years of manned space launch carried out from the territory of the United States, for the first time in the history of commercial spacecraft with people made a docking with the orbital station. This launch, the U.S. resumed the program of manned flights, which were suspended in 2011, with the end of the space Shuttle program. From the time American astronauts flew into space on Russian rockets Soyuz and the docking station U.S. segment of the space station was not used.