Google celebrates the Birth and devoted myself Doodle

The main domain was was 15 September 1997, and the company – 4 September 1998.

Search engine Google celebrates its 21-year-old. In honor of this on the homepage Doodle has appeared.

The picture shows the card with the computer is the old model, on which stands the date 27 September 1998. On the screen of the drawn PC is visible to the search string Google.

Home domain search engine was was 15 September 1997, and the company itself was founded on 4th September 1998. His birthday, the search engine sometimes notes on different dates – sometimes 7, and sometimes on September 27.


Is 27 September students of Stanford University Sergey Brin and Lawrence page, published an article about the launch of the prototype “large-scale search engine”.

It is reported that pattern is visible in most countries of the world, except Norway, Finland, some countries of Africa and in China.

Previously, Google has devoted a doodle B. B. king.

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