Girkin reports of casualties “Wagner” comes a variety. But they are constantly changing in the direction of increasing

Photo: Igor Strelkov / “VKontakte”

Reports of casualties in the shelling by the US coalition fighting in Syria Russian mercenaries of private military companies (PMCs) “Wagner” come to different, but constantly changing upwards. This was announced the former “defense Minister” of the terrorist organization “DNR” Igor Girkin (Shooters) on his page in “Vkontakte”.

“At the moment it is clear that the dead and wounded – real hundreds. Several hundred. The rest of the discordance. But the latest figures (“not final”, as reported) looks “beyond”. Allegedly for a whopping 600 (644, to be precise – and this is only the dead)”, – he stressed.

Girkin added that this figure could be misinformation, but she did “just from Syria.” Prior to this, according to him, there were figures about 215-217 killed. While many mercenaries are still missing.

The former leader of terrorists said that the defeated in Syria, the convoy was about 500 people, but the fighting continues and the bridgehead on the Eastern Bank of the Euphrates, which was controlled vagnerova virtually eliminated with massive support of artillery and aviation.

“Perhaps in addition to this column, went to other units. More and more information that “under the hand”, together with the mercenaries and got some kind of Department of special operations of the Ministry of defense (SDF). In General, what is clear is that if such losses are to “sweep the dust under the carpet” (for the Kremlin strategists all people – garbage) completely does not work”, – he stressed.

Later, Girkin added that he gave a subscription of secrecy “Wagner” and learned about the defeat in Syria is not on channels “the former service”.

“In the defeat PMC 100% sure. Since the received information through several channels from those who there is or was at the time of the tragedy. Sorry to hear about the senseless death of many of his comrades in Donbass (not listened to my warning that almost inevitably will end it)”, – he concluded.

8 February 2018, Reuters reported that coalition air strike in Syria that killed about 100 soldiers of the army of the allies of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

CBS sources in the Pentagon reported that Syria were killed by “Russian mercenaries”. Research group Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT) believes that it is the PMCs soldiers “Wagner”, which operates in the mineral deposits in the Euphrates river valley.