The aggravation of the situation in the area of environmental protection possible in the coming days

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In the coming days, the militants in the Donbas can intensify the fighting in Mariupol direction, nearby Donetsk and in the area of Stanytsia Luhanska and Novotoshkovki.

Comments about this site Today said the former head of the foreign intelligence Service of Ukraine, army General Mykola Malomuzh.

According to him, the terrorists may again resort to provocations with attacks without an offensive line of demarcation.

“Critical I see the direction of Mariupol, Avdiyivka and Pisky. Also at risk – the Village Lugansk with Novomoskovka. Probably, in the first place, these points will be under fire and the implementation of other provocations of invaders. That is under the danger of those towns where the militants already “zeroed” position, where they constantly organize provocations”, – said the General.

As explained Malomuzh, at the same time, large-scale operations, the militants are not planning, and to some extent there is a threat of aggravation of the situation on public holidays.

“But the fact that the invaders will advance along the whole line of conduct OOS – no according to operational data, no political channels, not expected”, – said the former head of the SVR.

He added that the frontline of the Russian-terrorist troops can carry out military actions only with the active assistance of Russia.

“But at the moment we see that politically support the active military actions Putin is extremely difficult, because he is in front of the microscope of the West and its threats of new sanctions. And if he will manifest himself not as a party to negotiations for a peaceful settlement of the conflict, as he told Trump and Merkel (it supposedly promotes “the Minsk process), and will act as the initiator of the hostilities of the insurgents, his reputation will fall immediately, and he will get a new powerful boomerang in the form of new sanctions the new restrictive measures”, – said Malomuzh.

We will remind, earlier military expert Mikhail Zhirokhov in comments to the website “Today” also confirmed that on 24 August the Ukrainian military expect provocations by Russian occupation troops in the Donbas. According to the expert, this time will suffer or the checkpoint of entry-departure, or a village in the grey area.

As reported, despite a temporary lull in the Donbass and reduced the number of militants attacks on Ukrainian military positions, the enemy continues to strengthen its defensive linesfrom the rear areas is driving the manpower and equipment towards the front.

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