Photo: the Baby was born at a height of 5.5 kilometers

The American took off to give birth out of your small town to a bigger town, but the kid decided on his own and was born not in a hospital, and on Board the aircraft. The mother decided to give it a meaningful name.

A resident of the USA Kristal Hicks gave birth in the plane boy. The woman flew to the nearest town to the hospital, but contractions started early. His “celestial”son Hicks was named Skye (from the English” the “sky”), reported KTUU.

Crystal Hicks lives in the small town of Glennallen in Alaska. Her three children she gave birth in a major city, anchorage, is located 180 kilometers from Glenallen.

A fourth child, an American preparing to give birth there. She took the plane ticket, but Hicks childbirth began in the sky.

The woman gave birth 20 minutes after the start of the flight, at a height of 5.5 kilometers.

The newborn was a boy called Skye Aaron Hicks.

Crystal Hicks with a newborn Skye.

Earlier it was reported that the couple got permission to name his son “devil” name.

We also wrote that the actress changed her son’s name because of the consonance with the genitals.

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