Most of the passengers of the flight into Egypt refused the flight

Sergey Nikolaev

At the International airport “Kiev” to them. Sikorsky (Juliani), a new problem arose with the flight. This time Ukrainian tourists were unable to fly on holiday to Egypt. This was reported by one of the passengers Anna Kuranova on his page in Facebook.

The woman who had planned to rest in Egypt with the child and the mother, reported that the flight was transferred up to ten times. In addition, changing the place of departure. Neither the tour operator JoinUp, no airline Bravo Airways could not give a clear answer about the causes hours of delay. In this case, the Manager of the travel Agency after persistent calls just stopped responding to them.

After hours of waiting without water and food, the Ukrainian tourists are provided a bus for transportation to the aircraft.

“Brought to an unknown plane (without a single distinguishing mark) in the alternate strip. Launched the plane. Board the conductor as a very insecure and stammering instructed about actions in case of emergency. Okay. Soared. Just kidding, now pokroshim and again back back. Circled… 30 minutes in the sky. The stewardess announces that due to technical reasons we return to the airport Borispol” – she wrote.

According to her, after alighting from the plane of tourists surrounded three buses SkyBus, the police and unknown persons in masks and with machine guns.

“Waiting for the manna from heaven for more than 12 hours. On-demand gave us the phone number of the Director General Bravo Airways. Listened to half and passed out. In JoinUp not picking up! Back in the terminal,” wrote Karanova.

After odcinki of the aircraft, “the agents replied that the aircraft is almost in order and you can fly.”