Feigin: the sum of the characteristics that define a regime as dictatorial

Photo: EPA

Russia is turning from authoritarian States into a dictatorship. Such opinion in interview “Radio Freedom” expressed the Russian human rights activist mark Feigin.

“I believe that there is a final transformation of the authoritarian system already in complete dictatorship. It is not the amount of repression, and the sum of the characteristics that define this regime as dictatorial. I think that there are increased risks for the mode, respectively, the protective function of it is repression and an attempt to legitimize the tenure of power [Russian President Vladimir] Putin,” he said.

According to the activist, “this process occurs in the eyes.”

“There are also other features, a little less visible, they are the elite. It is safe to say that develops inside the elite mentality, nepotism. View: children of these people, become their successors in the government, that has not happened even in the caste systems of Russia before the revolution,” – said Feigin.

As an example, he cited the appointment of the Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Dmitry Patrushev, son of security Council Secretary of Russia, the former head of FSB Nikolai Patrushev.

The human rights activist stressed that “still lives in Moscow and oversee these changes in the landscape.”

Feigin was a lawyer of Ukrainian political prisoners of Hope Savchenko and Roman Sushchenko. On April 24 the bar Association of the city of Moscow has deprived Feigin professional status.