Photo: Unsplas due to the frost affected part of the crop

In order to save part of the crop and to restore the cultures from temperature stress, Ukrainian growers spend processing plants.

A wave of frost covered the Western regions of Ukraine as well as Poland, Belarus and Lithuania. According to growers and producers of crops, it was less destructive on the background of the losses incurred by growers from frost in April. About it on Wednesday, may 13, writes EastFruit.

It is reported that the greatest losses were suffered by producers of strawberry, stone fruit crops, as well as raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries, blueberries and currants.

“Some farms have reported the loss of more than 50% of the crop, as most gardens at this time bloomed”, – experts say.

At the same time, the situation of the farms located in the lowlands, where the cold is very different for the worse from those located on hills or hills.

Farmers who grow potatoes and vegetables, also reported loss of part or all of the crop. However, some of them have hope that the plants can still recover, although the leaves are partially blackened.

Almost did not suffer from frosts Apple orchards.

“Severe damage to the crop to say, most likely, not necessary,” say the gardeners.

However, a full assessment of the losses, experts say only a few days.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian market has received industrial potatoes from the Netherlands, which was previously assumed to be disposed of.

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