The passing decade has brought the device that changed the lives of many people across the planet.

From tablets and drones to “smart” gadgets and automated, driverless electric vehicles – the passing decade brought a wide range of devices, yesterday seemed something out of science fiction, have changed the lives of many people across the planet. Корреспондент.net tells details.

iPad by Apple, 2010

photo: EPA

Apple has produced a new cultural shift and set the standard in personal computers, releasing the iPads, who had previously appeared only in science fiction movies. Such devices have been, but bulky and weak in terms of technology.

Tesla Model S 2012

photo: EPA

Electric Model S sedan from Tesla changed the trajectory of the automotive industry, forcing manufacturers to adopt future battery instead of gasoline present, and proved that electric cars can be cool: with a beautiful design and extensive features, including ON autopilot, which is regularly updated.

Mini-computer Raspberry Pi, 2012

photo: Wired

This tiny computer for Linux, originally developed by the British as a budget system for teaching, has received more widespread use and popularity. In just the first five years has sold more than 12.5 million units of the Raspberry Pi.

It consists of a single Board about the size of a Bank card. Engineers-hobbyists using the Raspberry Pi can create at home weather stations, “smart” speakers, robots, retro-gaming consoles, cloud servers and more.

Google Chromecast, 2013

photo: Google

This five-dollar digital media player has significantly constrained the transfer of media files from your laptop or smartphone on the TV screen, much popularized the idea of streaming video or streaming.

Chromecast runs on a simplified version of Chrome OS. Operating system updates are downloaded automatically without prior notice. For transferring media content Chromecast uses the DIAL Protocol, developed jointly by Netflix and YouTube.

A Phantom drone from DJI, 2013

photo: EPA

The company’s commitment to simplify the management of your drones to the maximum and to reduce their cost did Phanton ideal choice for beginner pilots and aerial photography.

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Echo from Amazon, 2014

photo: EPA

Alex’s voice assistant built into the device Echo and other gadgets were perfect for the control “smart” home media playback or quickly communicate with other people.

Apple Watch Series 4, 2015

photo: EPA

Apple has again set the benchmark for other producers, releasing smart watches, which have become not only a fashionable gadget, but also help in maintaining health.

Apple AirPods, 2016

photo: EPA

Despite the dominance of jokes and memes about class consciousness and consumerism around everything Apple has, the company has set a new gold standard, at this time, wireless headphones.