The most popular date is August 18. Numerologist: date of marriage is not as important as “personal” numbers pair

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Ukrainians are choosing traditionally “beautiful” figures under the dates of their weddings. This year, according to the Ministry of justice, to marry in August “eight” (8, 18 and 28th of the eighth month of the year) wanted more than 5,5 thousand pairs. “Today,” found out what attracted people to such date, and how did the lives of those who were married 10 years ago.

Hot dates

Tomorrow, August 8, officially become husband and wife plan to 1565 pairs. 18 number applied 2790 pairs, and on the 28th, 1201 steam. While this record last year, beat failed — July 7, played the wedding 2805 par. It is worth noting that, according to the justice Ministry, the average number of weddings per day not to exceed 900. In one of capital registry offices have confirmed that repeating numbers in the date are always popular:

“Traditionally on these days to sign up three times and sometimes four times more than usual. Often written almost a year. Many try, and very time to choose. Last year, for example, at 7.07 there were a few wish to apply for seven in the morning. But, unfortunately betrothed, we have the Registrar work from nine in the morning.”


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Ten years of marriage

The Ukrainians, who married 8 August 2008, told us how was their fate. So, the inhabitant of Kiev Andrey Drucila says that ten years ago, they with his future wife chose the date not only because it is easy to remember, but also as a symbol of infinity.

“I do not know, it is eight so affected, or something else, but we all came together quite well. We have two sons, happy family. Here is the planned celebration of the first anniversary of our marriage. I want to invite everyone who came to our wedding — relatives, friends, classmates,” he says.

All went well and Christine the Nedashkovskaya ye that tomorrow I will celebrate a decade of married life.

“We have a son, a daughter. Nothing to complain about. And 8.08.08 chose this because it seemed a very suitable date for wedding — three eights,” says the girl.


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Numbers and consciousness

According to numerology Tamara Polyakova, the date does not affect the marriage itself — is much more important to the birth of the bride and groom.

“The marriage date rather shows how this day will be for the couple. But for each pair, the consequences will be your own. For example, if the date of birth of the person, name or patronymic has good aspects with the eight, you can wait for the money and expensive gifts. Accordingly, troubles need to wait if you have a bad relationship with the eights. All this is determined by the Natal chart,” she explains.

Psychologist Irina Kostenko said that Ukrainians choose a memorable date for three reasons:

“First — our memory is a property highlight some coincidences. Secondly, it is a kind of shifting responsibility. Will the “beautiful” date is the happiness of a married couple or not bring, and people can always blame their hardships on the figures. And finally, the third reason, which is caused by social factors that are features of existence in the crowd of imitation. People tend to imitate others. This quality is inherent in us from ancient times when only the team could survive man.”

“The Minister married us in 20 minutes”

“Today” talked with a couple that one of the first to use “Marriage for an hour”.

“My husband was a pilot pair for the initiative, and in 2016 we painted the Minister Pavel Petrenko. Learned about the new Ministry of justice from social networks. I chose this project because at the time I was 8 months pregnant and we really do not want a loud wedding, — says Oksana Padalka. The whole procedure took just 20 minutes. And considering that we were the pilot couple, our ceremony was broadcast live through our TV channels. Therefore, even those of relatives and friends who could not get to our wedding, still in some way been with us. Then we gave the journalists comments and decided to do a mini-tour of the capital’s beauties on the trolley.”

“Marriage for a day” stronger than usual

Recently, two year has been the initiative of the Ministry of justice “Marriage for a day”. Since July 29, 2016 date service was used by 38 444 pair. Champions are Kiev (7 thousand marriages), Odessa (almost 6 thousand) and Mariupol (2.6 thousand). Ordinary weddings during the same period, according to the Ministry of justice, there were more than 424 thousand interesting nuance said the Deputy Minister of justice Elena Sukmanova — according to statistics, couples who used “Marriage for a day” divorce less frequently those who have passed the full procedure. Not much, but still: 1,6% (615) 1,9% (8402).

“I think these figures are the best answer to skeptics who criticize the justice Department for the implementation of such services, arguing that a quick marriage will be as fast and decay,” says the official.

Psychologist Irina Danchenko confirms how quickly married, do not affect its success:

“When people are really ready to start a family, no matter the day they marry or month. If the marriage needs only to receive gifts, he, most likely, will disintegrate.”

The survey

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