Because of the military situation in the Russian propaganda has reached the point of absurdity, if only to intimidate Ukrainians

Author of the photo: Anatoliy Boyko, Today

After the imposition of martial law in Ukraine, intensified the army of the Russian “trolls” that have begun stuffing fake ua and social networks to intimidate the Ukrainians. The defense Ministry denounced the plans of the Russian propaganda.

The military noted the increase of fakes on military subjects, the purpose of which is panic among Ukrainians in connection with the Declaration of martial law. Even reaching the point of absurdity.

“Some media and social media feeds appear non-existent and frankly absurd in its content allegedly “orders, directives, and orders” from the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. One of these absurdities is the alleged “order of the Minister of defense” relative to compensate for the lack of road transport in the APU due to a car on foreign registration (“EuroBLECH”) whose owners have not cleared their vehicles. The defense Ministry official reported that all of these supposedly “official documents” and “orders” that supposedly have the signature of the military leadership do not exist and are the new fakes,” – said in a statement.


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In addition, it became known about new provocations of the Russians on the border. So, November 27 the residents Putilovskogo district of Sumy region (border with Russia) on behalf of the Ministry of defence received an SMS message asking you to come in the next military unit. Such SMS are fixed and in other areas. The defense Ministry stated that it had not sent these messages and reminded that Russia has repeatedly resorted to such tactics in the Donbas by sending fake messages to the Ukrainian military at the front.

“The Russian information influence on citizens of Ukraine is nothing but another manifestation of hybrid aggression of Russia against our country. The defense Ministry of Ukraine urges citizens not to be conducted on provocation of the special services of the Russian Federation, check the news and to only trust information from official sources”, – said the military.