Become a familiar part of our everyday life the bags can decompose, depending on the density, up to 400 years

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In late may, the city Council recommended that the institutions of Commerce to offer customers an alternative to disposable plastic bags to minimize their use. This decision was supported by the mayor of the capital Vitali Klitschko. However, completely prohibit the use of packets only at the state level.

The all-Ukrainian ecological Association noted that the world is the process of eliminating polyethylene is smooth, and, primarily, large retail establishments, corporations, and manufacturers have offered an adequate alternative to polyethylene – paper bags, fabric bags, etc.

“The process of renunciation of such packing should occur gradually, explaining the environmental actions and suggestions for alternative packaging. Motivation for each one of us needs to be the idea that the rejection of polyethylene will allow humanity to keep our planet environmentally safe for future generations,” – said in the League.

Environmentalists also add that the second paragraph in the fight against the polyethylene should be introducing mandatory recycling or recycling of plastic bags. You need to create items or machines to collect this type of debris and to conduct explanatory work among the population.

“A ban on the dumping of waste will not solve the catastrophic problem. Landfills are a huge part of our country, they will disappear only when there will be a full-fledged processing industry, and for this purpose it is already necessary to think about the construction waste recycling plants”, – commented on the situation in the all-Ukrainian environmental League.

Also, experts note that one of the serious problems is the lack of awareness and encourage the population. For example, in many countries recycling is additionally paid by consumers.

“Such a system needs to be approved at the legislative level, manufacturers of packaging should also be held responsible for their product, which then turns on the dump. It would be appropriate to include in the cost of goods a fee for processing” – say in the League and added that the lack of government policy, poor investment climate, powerful corruption schemes don’t prevent the creation and operation of waste treatment plants.

So soon, alas, do not expect that Ukraine will refuse to use plastic bags. But now there is a positive trend, and many major stores offer fabric and paper bags. Though they are slightly more expensive than plastic.

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