Photo: Instagram/emrata Wedding was celebrated with flowers and sparkling wine

The famous model decided to join two loving hearts and “married” his four-legged pet the neighbor’s dog.

American model Emily Ratajkowski “married” her one year old dog Colombo at the neighbor’s dog. Loving pet owners have arranged the ceremony “bride and groom” in a luxurious mansion Ratajkowski in Los Angeles. Photos with unusual the event, the supermodel posted on his Instagram.

Bride Colombo became Corgi happy – pet friends 28-year-old Emily and her husband Sebastian of bir Mcclard: writer and actor Josh Ostrovsky and his sweetheart Kathleen king.

“We are sitting in quarantine, so why not marry our children – because they love each other. Congratulations, Colombo and happy!”, – signed photo of Emily.

The images show that the owners gave their Pets a lavish ceremony – with flowers and champagne.

Rutkowski and her husband took Colombo from the shelter last summer.

Recall that flashed Emily Ratajkowski Topless. The model introduced a series of Topless photos that just “blew up” the network.

Earlier it was reported that Rutkowski got a haircut and trimmed breast.

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