Elon Musk
Photo: Reuters

Yesterday Musk launched another 60 mini-satellites to create a free Internet network on the planet.

Shortly after the launch of the next batch of microsatellites Starlink head of the company SpaceX Elon Musk shared on Twitter more information about when you can expect the service of broadband Internet access Starlink will be available to users, reports 3dnews.ru.

According to the Mask, the closed beta testing of the Internet service Starlink will start in about three months. And after three months the company will start its public beta test. Musk added that beta testing will initially cover those in the “high latitudes.” When one user asked whether it is possible to assume that Germany is in the “high latitudes,” Musk replied in the affirmative.

According to a statement from SpaceX, the Starlink service will initially be available in 2020 for customers in Canada and the Northern United States. As a further expansion of microsatellites grouped the Internet service will spread to other regions of the planet for 2021. However, SpaceX will need to obtain permission from the regulatory bodies of the countries where it plans to provide services of broadband access to the Internet.

Currently, as reported by Musk, in the orbit is 420 ready-to-use microsatellites Starlink.