Elon Musk

The head of Tesla spoke about this at a meeting with investors.

Elon Musk himself is autopilot, getting to work, – the head of Tesla, said during an interaction with investors, according to insideevs.ru.

Not long ago, Elon Musk, called the regular period of the emergence of a full-fledged autopilot Tesla: by the end of 2020. Speaking with investors after the publication of the financial results of the company for the second quarter of this year, Musk explained what is backed by his confidence: “I personally tested the latest version of the autopilot and I can say that this system is better than most people imagine, she’s gorgeous! I can drive from home to work, almost without interfering with the operation of the autopilot. I get in different difficult situations on the road, for example, circle repair. That’s why I’m so confident that the full autopilot will earn before end of this year. I actually already use it”.

However, the question is what Musk calls “full autopilot”.

According to conventional classification of the society of automotive engineers, there are five levels of autonomy. Now manufactured autopilots in the third level, they also stand on the Tesla. But the fact that Musk described, similar to the autopilot of the fourth level: when the machine can move independently, but under the control of the driver ready in difficult situations to take control themselves.

There is also a fifth class of autopilots, when in the cabin may not be governments. It is understood that in this case the computer can cope with any situation with which to cope man: driving in ice and snow, when no visible markings, potholes on rough roads, be prepared for the sudden landing of the aircraft on the highway or exiting the tank from the forest and other non-obvious events.

But, apparently, what Musk calls a fully Autonomous car, is more to the fourth than the fifth level autopilots.