For the new season the team will train another coach.

Manual Dynamo Kiev officially announced the termination of the agreement with coach Alexei Mikhailichenko.

Football club Dynamo Kyiv expresses its sincere gratitude to the head coach Alexei Mikhailichenko and his assistants Vadim Yevtushenko, Sergei Fedorov, and Mikhail Mikhailov. Getting the team during the season, this coaching staff has made every effort to perform the tasks set for the season. As a result, Dynamo won the Ukrainian Cup and took second place in the championship, giving the right to compete for participation in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League, reads a statement of the club.

At the same time the club announced that neither the user nor many fans can not meet the current level of team play.

The name of the new chief coach of Dynamo Kiev will be named later. In the media rumors about the possible appointment of the current coach of the Dawn of Viktor Skrypnyk.

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