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Fire, life saving to your bar, which should open in a couple of weeks to lose it. The building that housed his business burned to the ground during mass protests.

Fire from the American city of Minneapolis corboy Points lost their entertainment, of which he had dreamed for a long time and who had been saving for several years. Bar men were destroyed by fires during the riots against the tyranny of the police, writes Fox News.

A new bar was to open its doors in June. However, it burned down on may 28.

The man was on duty when he was informed that the building which houses his bar, burns. The fire spared nothing.

Bar, admitted Points, was the dream of his life. He denied himself, to save up for school, he helped his family.

“I’m upset, but I know that all of this will come something positive,” he said trying not to faint from the fire Department.

Note that in the USA the protests began after the death during arrest a black resident of Minneapolis, George Floyd.

Floyd was arrested by police on may 25 next to a supermarket. It was suspected that he paid with a fake cheque. During the detention, the guards laid him down on the ground and held his neck with his knee. The man complained that he could not breathe. He later died.

Earlier we wrote that in the USA 21 the state has mobilized the National guard for the riots.

Also reported that the daughter of the mayor of new York was arrested for participating in protests. She was detained after she and other protesters refused to vacate the street in Manhattan.

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