Legends of poker offer new beginners course on the basics of the game, which includes the book, audio CDs and 208 scenarios at the poker table cash tournaments

Legendary American poker player Doyle Brunson, who recently announced that retiring, it seems, was being disingenuous. First, 85-year-old Doyle later promised that some time still play in live tournaments, and secondly, he along with his son Todd announced the launch of a training course for beginners.

For $149, the authors offer a book, CD, charts hands, as well as additional training materials, which are illustrated by 208. The program includes approximately 20 topics. They affect both cash game and tournaments. Here are some of them: the visual aspect of the game, textures Burgundy, early straights on the flop, count your outs, ranges, charts, push/fold, and others.

It’s funny that not so long ago, Branson Sr. was criticized Daniel Negreanu for the fact that the canadian released his training course for $180. “Daniel, you’re the best tournament player in the world. Why would you teach people? Don’t repeat my mistake with the “Supersystem”. In those days we were much needed influx of newcomers, for which I published a book,” wrote Doyle, whose book about poker, released in 1978, became a Handbook for many generations of players.

By the way, father and son Branson has already inscribed his name in the history of poker. Doyle and Todd are in the Hall of fame. For two they have won more than $10.5 million in prize money in tournaments and 11 WSOP championship bracelets.

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