Photo: Video screenshot beating “leaked” to the Network

Users assume that a man, similar to Artem Besedin, specifically triggered to capture video of his beating.

In a network there was video of the beating of a man, like a star Dynamo Artem Besedin. The video was posted on the channel YouTubeЖестяковый sports Wednesday, may 20, although the description States that the events took place in 2016.

In the video a young man similar to Besedina, in the company of other young people sitting in the kitchen. According to the situation, present drink and they start a fight. The beginning of the conflict are not fixed, but the published fragment present called each other curse words, and then standing beside the man loaded man, similar to Besedina punched in the face. Sitting man falls on the floor, and after a few seconds rises with a bloodied face.

“In 2016, the talented Dynamo striker Artem Besedin failed on a spree with pals. The player was clearly inadequate and after a verbal altercation was knocked out from a sedentary position,” reads the video description.

In the comments users took the side of the victim, noting that he is guilty only because I picked the wrong company.

Other users assume that a man like Besedina, especially provoked to make this video because the camera was at the ready.

Attention! The video contains scenes of violence! 18+

As reported in the end of last year Besedin failed a doping test and has been suspended for 30 days

Later it became known that UEFA disqualified Besedina year. It was also reported that Dynamo Kiev striker Artem Besedin became the victim of a medical error. Smoking the drug he gave the doctor confused with headache.

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