For the Day of Europe, which is traditionally celebrated in may, all-Ukrainian network of Foxtrot announced discounts up to 45% on products of the popular Aurobindo*.

Now, household appliances and electronic gadgets are an important part of comfort modern man. And in terms of quarantine mode every Ukrainian is even more acutely felt the need for a quality and useful devices. Talk about time-tested and Ukrainians of European trademarks, a technique which can be purchased at a discount in the period from 8 to 17 may.

UKRAINE GROUPE SEB: Tefal, Rowenta, Moulinex and KRUPS

Small household appliances and kitchenware the famous French brands are already deeply penetrated into the everyday life of Ukrainians: a consortium with more than 150 years of history, Groupe SEB started its activities in Kyiv in 1996. Interestingly, the company launches more than 200 new products and innovative solutions every year, to help consumers in performing household chores, saving their time and effort.

For example, multicookings TEFAL RK816E32 for special price Foxtrot – 2359 UAH (instead of 3399 UAH). Or quiet and powerful vacuum cleaner ROWENTA RO3718EA for 2349 UAH. (instead of 2999 UAH). For coffee lovers in different variations, coffee machine KRUPS EA907D31 Barista at a special price.


The history of the company for the production of consumer electronics began in 1891 in the Dutch city of Eindhoven. And in Ukraine, Philips and Foxtrot began their work almost simultaneously. In 1994, the representative of the Dutch company had only three employees. Together with the founders of a trading network they are actually one of the originators of Ukrainian market of home appliances and electronics.

In the Days of Europe discounts you can buy popular models of equipment for the home and kitchen (iron, vacuum cleaner, blender) and soup to personal care (hair dryer, straightener, etc.)


Slovenian firm Gorenje was established in 1950 and initially specialized in the production of simple agricultural equipment. But progress has not kept itself waiting long: now plants of this Corporation produce millions of models of household appliances – stoves, refrigerators, washer & dryer.

For example, during the promotion period, on a combined stove GORENJE KN5141WF (gas stove/electric oven) can be purchased at a discounted price 5359 UAH (regular price – 7099 UAH), and the refrigerator GORENJE RK6191BW for 10199 7999 UAH is UAH.


The brand was founded in 1954 in Istanbul and belongs to the largest Turkish manufacturer of household appliances Arcelik. In stock: washing machines and dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, cooktops, hoods, ovens, microwave ovens. And to season fresh vegetables, fruits and berries important to buy a compact and roomy the freezer BEKO RFNE 270K21 W 8599 UAH (discount – 1400 UAH).


TM belongs to the Polish company Amica Wronki and has 50 years experience of production and sales of large household appliances in more than 25 countries: stoves, ovens, cooktops, refrigerators, dishwashers. A good beneficial and useful purchases: oven HANSA BOES68465, which will allow to realize the most daring culinary fantasies with a 32% discount (promotional price – 5759 UAH, ordinary – 7199 UAH).

More products with discounts from these and other Aurobindo (DeLonghi, Siemens, etc.) available on the website foxtrot and chain stores Foxtrot. And all users have made a purchase on the website for the sum of 3500 UAH. automatically become participants of drawing of TV from British brand Gazer TV43-FS2.

*The promotion is valid from 8 may to 17 may 2020 inclusive. The promoter reserves the right to change the list of products participating in this promotion, as well as change the size of the discount on the goods involved in this action. More info on retail stores and trade network Foxtrot on the entire territory of Ukraine (except AR Crimea temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions).



Znizhki on techno from Pravda evropeyskih Brenda

Until the Day Vrapi, that traditio vjnetcast have drawn, vseukrainska Trammel the Foxtrot has agrosila about znizki to 45% on popular products brabrand*.

NIN Pobutova techni th electron gadgeti matter what the warehouses comfort Suchasna lyudin. And umovah mode quarantine skin has more Ukrainian gastro vdtuv neophane in nayavnost actnic I devisu Fig. Respond preven about an hour I ukraïntsyami Propack Torgov brand techno yakih mozhna pridbati from the discount in the period from 8 to 17 may.

UKRAINE GROUPE SEB: Tefal, Rowenta, Moulinex , KRUPS

Дрібнапобутоватехнікаіпосудвідомихфранцузькихбрендіввжеглибокоосілавпобутіукраїнців: консорціумзбільшніж150-річноюісторієюGroupe SEB pocas its operation in year 1996 at CIV. Curiously, scho the company zapuska 200 novih products and innovating rsen soroku dwellers dopomogty spozywczym have vicodan domashnih Ref, somaguye hni the time and effort.

For example, multicookings TEFAL RK816E32 for actinol cnow in Foxtrot – 2459 UAH (instead of 3399 UAH). ABO W quiet I potezny pilosus ROWENTA RO3718EA for 2349 UAH. (instead of 2999 UAH). For lubitel kawi in RSNA variations – kavouri EA907D31 KRUPS Barista for special cnow.


History compan s virobnictva spozhivche electroni pacalosia in 1891 year from nederlandska MST Eindhoven. In Ukraine Philips , Foxtrot pocha their robot mayzhe odnochasno. From 1994 year from predstavnytstvo nederlandske compan pratsyuvala only three spivrobitnyky. Time iz zasnovnika torgovo merezhi stink factual stood bilya vitaku formuvannya Ukrayinsky rinku Pobutova techni elektronke.

Have Dni Urope from nizkimi can pridbati popular model techni for the home kitchen (the Prasquier, pilose, blender) and spicy device in the eye for him (the Hairdryer, vibrams toscho.)


Slovenska of the company Gorenje Bula had founded in 1950, R. I spochatku speculaas on virobnictvo naprosto clinicohistological obladnannya. Ale Progres not sasiv yourself Dovgy chekati: NIN backwaters for this reason corporal vipuskaut Mlini models Pobutova techni Board, holodilnik, pralni I sushilnyh machines.

For example, in the period acts on kombinovana stove GORENJE KN5141WF (gas stove/oven elektricna) can pridbati zi a discount for znow 5359 UAH (typical price – 7099 UAH), and the refrigerator GORENJE RK6191BW for 10199 instead of RS 7999 UAH.


Brand zasnovani from 1954 year in Stambul I nalezyty great turetskomu the manufacturer of Pobutova techni Arcelik. In an assortment: pralin suchilin cars, refrigerators, posudomoy cars, Marilyn panel, witzki, duchow Shafi, mcraivii pic. And before the season svih ovacv, fruit I ahd important pridbati kompaktno I mstco Marsilio camera BEKO RFNE 270K21 W for znow 8599 UAH (discount – 1400 UAH).


TM nalezyty Polsky compan Amica Wronki I got from svoa asparagin 50-rcni Dowd virobnictva I realset Veliko Pobutova techni more than 25 Cranach world: plates Duhov Shafi, Marilyn surface, refrigerators, posudomoy cars. Vdali option Vigano korisno purchase: spirit Shafa HANSA BOES68465, Yak permitted vote nismos Conan Fantas from a discount of 32% (accine full – 5759 UAH, typical – 7199 UAH).

More products from nizkimi from shadani NSA brabrand (DeLonghi, Siemens toscho) look at sit foxtrot I in merezhi magazinw Foxtrot. And VSI koristuvach, that zrobili purchase suit bag from 3500 UAH. automatic staute participants Rosgas Telesur from britanskogo brand Gazer TV43-FS2.

*Action dіє from 8 may to 17 may 2020 R. are included. Organzation acts salisa for him right Smythe Perak tovariv scho take part in tsiy acts, and also Smythe Rosmer of znizhki on goods, yaki take fate in tsiy ACC. Dateline – on I in rostra stores torgovo merezhi Foxtrot on all teritor of Ukraine (except AR Crimea I tymczasowo of okupowanych territories Donatski I Luganska areas).



The information provided in the article 10 of the Constitution of Ukraine and article 6 of the Law of Ukraine On national minorities in Ukraine