Photo: Watch online Dynamo-Zorya 16 Jul 2020

On held text online broadcast of the match of Ukrainian championship between Dynamo Kiev and Lugansk Dawn.

Dynamo Kiev will play against Lugansk Zorya in the Ukrainian League. The match will be held on Thursday, July 16, in Kiev, at the stadium NSK Olympic.

Online broadcast of the match Dinamo – dawn will start at 19:00 Kyiv time. The opposition of the Dinamo – dawn you can watch 2+2 TV channel.


Dynamo wins, comes in second place, but the fate of output in the Champions League is finally resolved in the next round.


90+1 Standard. Abu-Hanna pushed Rusina directly on the penalty. Yellow card the German.

90. Shabanov continues in tackles to block his opponent’s punches.

89. One Buyalsky beats to the end. Along with Tsygankova the best on the field today.

87. Lunev card for a foul on Karavaev at the entrance to the box. But that’s not a penalty, meter are not enough.

85. Sluggish football or something, all resigned already with the final result, it seems.

80. Good moment of Dawn, but to close the chamber Gromov nobody.

77. Tsygankov with Buialskyi again played the wall, but the Keeper saved after hitting Victor.

75. Sidorchuk will replace Kadiri. To strengthen the defense.

74. Bowen also continues to reflect everything that flies into the shot.

73. What’s that! Rusin again, not scores! And then Buyalsky’s already on target without a goalkeeper to beat, but Dawn saved Abu-Hanna!

68. The Burda damage. Popov will be released. Burda was good today.

65. Rusin ran one on one and was able to solve everything in this match, but even the gate has not got. Blocked defender. And pass the ball and that’s it.

61. Dynamo somehow just stopped playing. But even as much as 30 minutes.

60. Yurchenko yellow now.

59. Busan in the game after hitting a Yurchenko.

58. De Pins yellow for showing dissent.

57. Shaparenko lost the ball in midfield and then kick Kabaeva stopped Burda. Lucky Dynamo.

53. Dynamo more as the second number began to play.

51. Abu-Hanna was released instead of Cheberko. Skrypnyk was removed defender from sin.

49. And Cheberko, which already has a card, for a foul on Buyalsky now it was possible to drive. Regretted it Monsul.

46. Shaparenko went all MIA Shepeleva at Dynamo.


Dinamo missed the first, but then managed to score three goals. But the whole struggle is still ahead.


44. With feeds from Yurchenko today is not very. And now is the main weapon of the Dawn.

39. Yellow card Drawing, and he continues to aggressively argue with the referee.

34. GOOOOOL! 3:1! TSYGANKOV! Rusin struck, ricochet, and Tsygankov head puts the ball into the corner!!!

32. Rusin is not able to push the ball into an empty net after a cross from Buyalsky, Semitic saved.

30. Pouspokoilsya little game.

26. Again the moment the guests and the defenders of Dinamo rush under attack.

24. BOWEN drags the shot is in focus! Could dawn be compared.

23. A corner won by Zorya. Mickle shot from outside the box Busan on the spot.

22. Threat approaches from Dawn to neutralize the defenders of Dynamo – Shabanov and Burda.

21. Sydorchuk elbow said balls.

20. The yellow Vernidub very rigidly played against Rusin.

19. Long-range strike from Dynamo directly in the hands of the Keeper.

18. Already the third Dynamo could have scored, but the shot was blocked Buyalsky.

15. GOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!!!! VERY NICE!!! VERY! Sydorchuk gave heel on Buyalsky, got a discount in response and charged into the top corner! Dinamo turned the game in two minutes!

14. COOOOOLLLLL!!!! TSYGANKOV!!! A beautiful combination with Buialskyi and leader of the Dynamo shoots nine gates of Dawn! 1:1!

12. Sydorchuk struck a powerful shot after a corner kick, but the bounce has played in favor of Dawn.

10. Rusin had replaced the injured Verbicha.

9. More and Verbic broke. Yes, Dinamo is not to be envied.

5. Dynamo tries to play the first number, but while the sense of greater kontos the ball is not really.

2. GOOOOL! Dawn has already scored! So start for Dynamo! The failure in the defense of Kiev and the one-on-one, which quietly implements the thunders.

1. Tsygankov already earned a free kick in the opponent’s poovine.


Today is a very important match for second place in the championship of Ukraine. Losing to anyone is impossible.


Dynamo: Bowen, Karavaev, Burda, Shabanov, KENDZERA, Sidorchuk, Shepelev, buialskyi, de Foam, Tsygankov, Verbic

Dawn: Matsapura, Mickle, Of Cheberko, Vernidub, Timchik, Cvek, Khomchenovskyy, Kochergin, Yurchenko, Gromov, Bondage

The upcoming match in Kyiv has a huge price for both teams. The ending of the Ukrainian championship has in store just the crazy intrigue in the fight for the silver medal, and face-to-face duel direct competitors in the second position is eagerly awaited.

Dynamo – Zorya online match / photo:

In case of victory, the Luhansk side will be a step away from a historic achievement, but in an ideal scenario, will be able on Wednesday to accept congratulations. For the residents and so the unfortunate the season can end in disaster. And winning the Cup of Ukraine will hardly be able to compensate for the possible loss of the Champions League places.

In its history, Kiev and Lugansk the teams have met 76 times. 47 matches were won by Dinamo, and only eight fortune smiled upon the Dawn.


Standings / photo:

Estimated lineups

Dynamo: Bowen, KENDZERA, Shabanov, Burda, of Mikolenko, Sidorchuk, Shepelev, buialskyi, de Foam, Tsygankov, Verbic

Dawn: Matsapura, Timchik, Vernidub, Abu Hannah Mickle, Ivanisenya, Kochergin, Yurchenko, Khomchenovskyy, Gromov, Bondage.

Forecast bookmakers

Watch online Dynamo – Zorya / photo:

The bookies give the advantage in this game Dinamo. To win Dinamo is given a coefficient of 1.60, whereas the Dawn – 4,70. Draw estimated coefficient of 4.10.

The coefficients parimatch: victory Dynamo of 1.70, victory Dawn – 4,50, draw – 4,10.