Moscow is actively engaged in the Azov direction and now Ukraine should have serious weaponry to fight off a possible attack from the sea

Russian ships. Photo:

To the aggression of Russia in the Azov my Ukraine may respond with anti-ship missiles currently being developed, and next year can be put into service.

Told about it in interview “” the head of the Center for army, conversion and disarmament, the military expert Valentin Badrak.

According to him, now the Kremlin for its actions in Azov probes the ground to understand the reaction of Ukraine to provocations, and if Kiev will give up the slack in this matter, the Russians can take advantage of it.

“The Russians, on the one hand, testing that we have at sea at all possible, as there we can lead and how we in the future will be able to simulate our response. Especially in the context of emergence of information in the ASM (anti-ship cruise missile), which in Ukraine is created and that can next year to appear. It is a powerful mobile tool that can be used for the coast guard, for the distance of 280-300 km to hit any ships. Of course, this is all very concerned about the Russian side,” – said Badrak.


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The expert is confident that Russia uses Ukraine as a testing ground and keeps our country as a laboratory where testing new weapons.

“This missile is being developed in Ukraine. Moreover, have been quite successful shooting, now everything is moving to the state tests. Here takes part the whole team of companies under the leadership, not afraid of the words has already been legendary Kyiv design Bureau “Luch”, which developed a range of missiles. Most interesting is that in the long term can appear and cruise missile greater range – up to 1500 km – but in this case Ukraine would have to get approval from the International regime of control over missile technology, successfully negotiate on the international level. The Ukrainian side should be mix of work, need to use the podium of all international organizations, to use what little used”, – he stressed.